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Paintball Gun Scopes & Sights

Paintball scopes are one of the easiest upgrades to install on your paintball gun. At Trinity Paintball, customers will find a large selection of Paintball gun scopes to meet all of their wants and needs. Sights and scopes are designed to give you the best accuracy possible so that you are easily able to take out your opponents while enjoying a tough paintball match. Paintball sights and scopes are guaranteed to give you an advantage over other players during your match. By simply pointing at a target, you will be able to hit it with ease.

At Trinity Paintball, you will find compact scopes, dual illuminated scopes, red and green tactical scopes, scopes with flashlights, and quality carrying cases. Scopes for paintball guns are also available for purchase at an affordable low price point, giving you precision in your shot without burning a hole in your pocket. These accessories also provide a realistic look for tactical paintball markers.

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Sights-Red Dot- Scope Battery 3VOLT/ CR2032 TRINITY Reflex Red Green Sight With 4 Reticles For Tippmann A5. TRINITY 4X30 Scope With P4 Sniper Reticle For Tactical Paintball Markers.

TRINITY 4X32 Scope For Tippmann TMC. TRINITY 4X32 Scope For TIPPMANN A5. TRINITY 4X32 Scope For US ARMY Alpha Black Elite.

TRINITY Offset 4X32 Scope. TRINITY 4X32 Rifle Scope Tan Color. TRINITY 4X32 Rifle Scope Tan Color For TIPPMANN TMC.

TRINITY 4X32 Rifle Scope Blue Color. TRINITY 4X32 Rifle Scope Red Color. TRINITY 4X32 Compact Scope.