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Tactical Gun Slings for Paintball

The importance of a paintball rifle sling or a paintball shotgun sling in the midst of combat cannot be overstated. When trying to get quickly from one place to another, slinging your weapon to your shoulder is the best way to go because it allows you to move faster and frees your hands up.

At Trinity Paintball, we have a large selection of quality paintball gun slings for sale. No matter what type of paintball gun you have, you will find the right sling for the job right here. Browse through our tactical gun slings for paintball today and you are sure to find the perfect one to help you become more agile and mobile on the battlefield!

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Flat Slide: 1"X3/16 ", Sheet Steel Black Welded D-Ring 1", 0.135" Steel Wire Stock Sling Adapter For DYE ASSAULT MATRIX/DYE DAM MARKER

Universal Sling Adapter. Sling Adapter For Tactical Paintball Stocks. Dam Stock Sling Adapter
Dam Stock Sling Adapter
Our Price: $7.95

TRINITY Tactical Sling Black. TRINITY Tactical One Point Sling For TIPPMANN A5. TRINITY Tactical One Point Sling Black For TIPPMANN Tipx.

TRINITY Bungee Single Point Sling For US ARMY Alpha Black Elite. TRINITY Tactical Sling For Tippmann TMC. TRINITY 2 Point/1 Point Tactical Bungee Sling For Tactical Paintball Markers.

TRINITY Tactical Sling One Position Sling With Adapter For US ARMY Project Salvo.