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One of a kind Trinity Paintball accessories and supplies are available at competitive prices so that the troops won't have to sacrifice other rations in exchange for quality paintball gear. Remember what to say the next time the sergeant asks you where to buy discount paintball supplies - Trinity Paintball! Get inexpensive paintball gear and guns and join the resistance!

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First Strike Compact Pistol. KINGMAN Spyder Victor Black Spyder MR 100 Paintball Gun.

TIPPMANN Cronus Tactical Olive. US ARMY Alpha Black Elite. TIPPMANN Custom Model 98.
US ARMY Alpha Black Elite.
Our Price: $129.00
TIPPMANN Custom Model 98.
Our Price: $139.00

US Army Alpha Black Project Salvo. Spyder Fenix Black U.S. Army Alpha Black Elite E-Grip .68 Caliber Paintball Marker
Spyder Fenix Black
Our Price: $149.99

Tippmann TMC Paintball Gun - Black/Tan - MagFed Tippmann TMC Paintball Gun - Black - MagFed TIPPMANN A-5 Paintball Gun.

Valken CODE Electronic Paintball Marker Black. Empire Mini GS Marker /USA CUSTOMERS ONLY TIPPMANN A5 With E Grip.
TIPPMANN A5 With E Grip.
Our Price: $299.95

Invert Mini Black EMPIRE Axe Marker.
Invert Mini Black
Our Price: $309.00
EMPIRE Axe Marker.
Our Price: $459.95